Mini sewer camera

The MiniFlex sewer camera comes with a unique patented flexible polyurethane element that is inserted between the bullet-shaped camera head and the push cable to allow easier passage through pipes. Extensive field testing has proven that multiple right-angle and tight bends in pipes having diameters as narrow as 32 mm can be negotiated smoothly and effortlessly. The design of the sewer camera head maintains the position of the lighting ring above the bottom which minimises reflections. In combination with the special 100⁰ lens the MiniFlex sewer camera has a wide viewing angle giving a sharp image, even when used in wider diameter pipes.
The mini sewer camera MiniFlex comes with a meter counter, 512Hz transmitter, a monitor with recording function (DVR) for saving video and photos on to an SD card and/or USB and also textwriter with 22-character on-screen display as standard.

Youtube:  Miniflex The Curving King | MiniFlex in practice
Download: Manual MiniFlex

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Copyright © 2021 Camtronics B.V. |  Privacy Statement
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